Frequently Asked Questions

Please DO NOT call any of the stores or contact us through social media about website orders or memberships questions.

Please send questions about orders to orders AT

Please send membership questions to memberships AT


  • Who can order our products?

We will only ship products from this website to approved members who are over the age of majority in the province or territory they reside in. Members purchasing from the Victoria dispensary must be 19+ (no exceptions). Click here to learn more 

  • How do I become a member?

1.)  You must first create an account by filling out our Account Registration form.

2.)  The final step is to fill out our Membership Form. Your customer account confirmation email will have also have a link to the Membership Form. It will require you to upload two pieces of government issued ID (that must have a photo and your current address); this is mandatory and we can only ship orders to the address listed your ID.  Once we receive your membership form, we will email you when your membership has been approved.

  • How do I pay for my order?

After you have checked out, you will receive an email from orders at with detailed instructions. All orders are paid for by an e-transfer that you send us digitally from a Canadian Bank. We do not accept credit cards, interac online, or other online currencies or payment processors or Melt Town website orders.

  • How do I get my order?

All orders are shipped using Canada Post. Delivery times are usually 2-6 business days for most of Canada, but it may take 7 to 13 days if you are located in the Atlantic Provinces. We cannot guarantee delivery times and do not offer credits for Canada Post shipping delays. Once the order is confirmed, fulfilled, paid for, and mailed out, our software will email you a tracking number automatically. Please contact us if you do not receive one and we will provide it.

  • How is my order packaged?

We use discreet, generic, prepaid envelopes and boxes when necessary. We also vacuum seal products that have strong doors. We will use a generic return to address and no one will be able to figure out who it is from or what is in the package unless they open it.

  • Do our Melt Town locations in Edmonton or Saskatoon sell medical cannabis products?

No, we do not have any medical cannabis products for sale or onsite at any of our retail locations in Edmonton or Saskatoon. You cannot purchase any cannabis products at these stores. Please order from this website.

All of our sales associates (at any of the stores) will assist you in getting your Melt Town dispensary membership started on this site.

  • How do I know what products are right for me?

If you are unsure of what products you may need, please contact us and we will do our very best to help you.

  • Are there any order amount restrictions?
Yes, we will not ship more than 75 grams in one shipment or 150 grams to the same patient in a 30 day period of time.