Ganja Wise Capsules - Texada Timewarp 5mg THC

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Texada Timewarp (15 Capsules)


Born and home to Texada Island, BC Nestled between Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast on the Straight of Georgia.

This is a true heirloom variety, the same cutting has been shared and spread across the world for over 40 years. Its age and effect is a true testament to its name. 

Time Warp holds a special place in Canadian Cannabis Culture and history. A true pleasure for the mind, body and soul.



Ganja Wise Edible Capsules are gently infused from whole, organic, strain specific cannabis flowers. The mild potency dosage of each capsule is perfect for beginners, low tolerance users, and those who want to hone their perfect dose. Our natural infusion process retains the unique medicinal properties and characteristics of each selected cannabis type. Ganja Wise Capsules are available in multiple specific plant varieties – Find your favourite!

All of our cannabis products flow directly from our farm to you. Home-made composted soil mixtures nourish our plants from the ground up; providing a dynamic, living, mineral rich soil, so that each flower can fulfil its genetic potential and thrive. The end result ensures a product that delivers a world class cannabis experience.

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  • Warning: This product contains Cannabis extract and has intoxicating effects. Do not operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of this product. Do not mix alcohol as it may intensify the effects. Please use responsibly and keep out of reach of children and pets.
  • Ingredients: Organic virgin coconut oil, cannabis flowers, K-Cap (vegetable capsule made in Canada)